Reception and Year 1

Welcome to Class 1 and the Autumn Term 2019

Teacher: Mrs Jayne Cooper

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Jane & Mrs Bailey

The School Day:

Morning:       9.00 – 12.30(Break time 10.55 – 11.05 Assembly 9.10 – 9.30)

Lunchtime:   12.30 – 1.35

Afternoon:    1.35 – 3.25



In English we will be reading a wide range of stories throughout the autumn term. 

In the 1st half term our writing will be based around rhyming books including The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy. From this we will be writing lists and simple sentences.

In the 2nd part of this term our writing will be based around Traditional and Fairy Tales.

For the year 1 children, handwriting will be practiced regularly whilst the Reception children will be developing their ability to hold and use writing equipment effectively.



In maths we will be covering the following areas of number and calculation in the 1st half term–

*Counting skills 

*Finding one more and one less than a given number

*Forming and recognising numerals

*Simple addition and subtraction skills

In the 2nd half of the autumn term we will be covering the following areas in maths-

  • 2d and 3d shapes
  • Weighing and measuring using non-standard measures
  • Continuing to build upon our understanding of the areas covered in the 1st part of the term


Year 1 children will have 1 piece of homework which will be given out on a Monday and will need to be handed in on the following Friday. 

Reception children will have letter sounds to practice as the term progresses.


All the children will eventually be given reading books.

These will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday.

Sharing books will be given out following the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting.


‘Me, Myself and I’ is the title of our first topic. 

Within this topic we will learn about the different types of animals around us.  We will be taking a walk around the village to find out about our local area and will be talking about the things we find! 

In art, we will be attempting to draw portraits of ourselves as well as looking at work by Picasso.     

Explorers is the title of our second topic.

We will move away from Frisby and look at what life is like living on a small island.  This will form our geography work. Our art focus will of course be making lots of exciting things ready for Christmas! In science, we will learn about how animals grow and survive.

In RE, our focus will be special times and how they are celebrated by different faiths.  We will also be discussing what it means to belong to a community.  We will of course be celebrating Christmas in the second half of the term and be talking about what Christians believe about God.


Our PE sessions will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

However, please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school every day.

Please ensure that everything your child brings into school is labelled clearly!