Frisby C of E Primary School

Growing with hope; serving with compassion; transforming with humility

Hall Orchard Lane, Frisby on the Wreake, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 2NH

01664 434429

Vision and values

Stakeholders have worked closely together to develop a Vision which shares our aspirations for us as a school and clearly explains our purpose within our children’s lives and the wider community.

Our core Christian Values underpin everything we do at Frisby: Being Aspirational; Showing Compassion; Being Respectful; Building Resilience; Building Friendships and Taking Responsibility.

These ‘liveable’ values are clearly understood and demonstrated by all on a daily basis, and support and enhance our school Vision.

At Frisby, all aspects of education are important to us, including spiritual development; we realise our spirituality by helping pupils and staff to develop their understanding of their place in the world and who they are. We have used our definition of Spirituality to develop our new Vision for September 2023, which is as follows:

Growing with hope; serving with compassion; transforming with humility.

Romans 12

At Frisby, we understand our purpose is to inspire your children, ensure they believe in themselves so they can achieve their full potential. With God by their side and our values in their heart, all things are possible. Our desire is that this belief will continue with your child, long after they have left Frisby, that our vision and values will form a firm foundation for them to reflect upon, throughout their educational career and into adult life.