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School Uniform

Please find a copy of the School's Uniform Policy below:

This School Uniform Policy was developed in consultation with parents, staff and governors. 

School uniform serves to give pupils a sense of identity, and a sense of belonging to a community. It helps to conceal differences in the financial circumstances of children and excludes some dress competition and excesses of fashion. Parents are urged to work in partnership with the school to ensure that standards are maintained. 

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside of normal school hours. 

*All items with a school logo mentioned below are available from our school uniform supplier Kidzone (see details below). We intend to keep the use of branded items to a minimum, meaning that parents should be able to buy most of our uniform items from a wide range of shops. 

Frisby PTA have established a system whereby pre-loved, second hand items of clothing can be purchased. 

Note: If a pupil is wearing an item which is considered not to be school uniform then the child will be given a reminder. Should the child continue to wear non-uniform items then a note will be sent home outlining the need for parents to ensure their child only wears items which are part of the school uniform. 


  • Emerald green sweatshirt or cardigan with logo*
  • White or emerald green shirt/blouse or polo shirt, with or without the school logo*

A choice of any of the following:

  • Plain grey trousers/formal school shorts (not sport or fashion)
  • Plain grey knee-length skirt, without splits or decoration
  • Plain grey pinafore dress
  • Gingham green/white summer dresses
  • Plain grey formal knee-length culottes


  • Grey, black or white socks/tights
  • Plain black lace-up or slip-on shoes in a formal style (with low heels no more than 5cm in height). Please note that boots, trainers, crocs (or croc-style) or sling back shoes are not permitted. 

PE Kit

  • Emerald green or white t-shirt with or without the school logo*
  • Plain black shorts including cycling shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • Emerald green or plain black hoodie with or without the school logo*
  • Flat trainers/plimsolls.

We feel that the correct kit for PE lessons is important and we trust parents will support us in this matter. Kit should be stored in school in a small, clearly named bag on child’s peg.

Swimming (Year 3 and 4 pupils during Summer Term)

  • A one-piece swimming costume or trunks and a towel. No shorts or bikinis are allowed. 


Pupils may wear a watch or a fitbit/sports tracker and one set of plain studs in the ears, but no other jewellery is permitted due to health and safety issues and liability in case of loss.

It is our intention that NO jewellery (including earrings) be worn in PE activities. Children who cannot remove their own earrings should learn to do so or have them removed before they attend school on their PE day. If pupils wish to have their ears pierced they should arrange this at the beginning of the summer holidays so that the wound has sufficient time to heal.

Where it is not possible for a child to remove their earrings for the start of a PE session, taping over earrings must be utilised to enable participation. Staff are not required to remove or tape up earrings for students. 

Protection from the sun

Please provide sun-cream and sunhats during hot weather. Children will need to be able to apply their own sun-cream. Roll on sun cream is recommended. (See Sun Protection Policy). 

Adverse weather footwear

Pupils should wear boots/wellingtons to school in adverse weather and bring their indoor shoes to change into. UGG and UGG-style boots are not suitable. 


Hairstyles should not be extreme in either style nor colour. Parents should consult the school if they are unsure as to the suitability of a change of style/colour. The school shall be the arbiter of the term ‘extreme’.

Plain hair bands – green/black/brown or white. Fashion hair bands are not permitted. All long hair must be tied back with a bobble for PE. No clips, grips or headbands may be worn in PE. 


Nail polish is not permitted. Pupils are not allowed to wear any make up, body art transfers or tattoos. 

Financial Support

In cases of financial hardship parents can appeal to the Headteacher/Governors for financial support to help with school uniform costs. Such cases will be treated with due sensitivity and in confidence. 

Special Consideration

Parents can apply in writing to the Board of Governors who are willing to consider reasonable requests for flexibility in the uniform policy for an individual pupil to accommodate their religion or belief, ethnicity, disability, or other special circumstances.


Our school uniform is available at Kidzone, Leicester Place, 11-13 Leicester Street, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0PP 

Tel: 01664 500100