The Governing Body takes overall responsibility for the conduct and progress of our School. The Body consists of fourteen members, including Parent Governors and Church Foundation Governors.

Name Position Appointment  Committee Membership * Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2016-17 
Simon Bailey Chairperson Parent Strategy, P/P, Finance 4 out of 4
Mrs Michelle Metcalfe   Staff Finance N/A
Mrs Leanne Chidlow Vice Chairperson Foundation Strategy, P/P, Pay 4 out of 4
Miss Tessa Pollard   Parent Strategy 3 out of 4
Mr Will Teece   Parent Pay 3 out of 4
Mrs Janet Norburn   Foundation  P/P  1 out of 4
Mr Tim Hiskens   Parent Strategy 4 out of 4
Rev David Harknett   Foundation 1 out of 1
Miss Victoria East   Staff Strategy, Finance 3 out of 4
Mrs Helen Sercombe   Parent Finance, Pay 1 out of 4
Mr Stuart Northedge   Headteacher All 4 out of 4
Mrs Diana Patterson   Community  Finance  3 out of 4

Mrs Kathleen Colton




 4 out of 4

Mrs Lucie Browne


Local Authority

 Strategy, P/P

 2 out of 4

 * P/P = Pupils and Personnel Committee

Mr Steven Wright was also a staff governor in the 2016-17 academic year and attended 4 out of 4 Full Governing Body Meetings.

2017-18 Committee Chairs

Strategy and Planning - Simon Bailey

Pupils and Personnel - Leanne Chidlow

Finance - Helen Sercombe

Pay - Leanne Chidlow

2017-18 Business and Pecuniary Interests

Members of the governing body have declared the following business and pecuniary interests for the 2017-18 academic year:-

Stuart Northedge - employed as staff member at Frisby CE Primary School

Michelle Metcalfe - employed as staff member at Frisby CE Primary School

Vicky East - employed as staff member at Frisby CE Primary School

Simon Bailey - has a close relative who is an employee of Frisby CE Primary School