Years 4 & 5

Teacher: Mrs Michelle Metcalfe

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Vicky East & Mrs Lisa Hornbuckle                                                                    

The school day:                                                          

Morning:      09.00 - 12.30  

Break:          10.50 - 11.05    Assembly:    11.05 - 11.20    

Lunchtime:   12.30 - 1.35

Afternoon:    1.35 -3.25

Welcome back to the summer term in Class 4. I hope you all had a very restful and happy holiday. We have lots of exciting things to learn this term and an exciting KS2 trip to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. 

                    Areas of work this term

Our main topic this term is Crime and Punishment through the ages. We will be working on this topic in English, History and for homework. We will be bringing our topic to life when we visit the Galleries of Justice on the 8th June. Children will have the opportunity to take part in a real courtroom re-enactment and they learn about the crimes of real people from history and the punishment they received.

In Science this term will be learning about the properties and changes of different materials. We will be carrying out investigations and experiments and making predications and observations. We will discover materials that have reversible and irreversible changes.

During the first half term in English we will be learning about the features of non-chronological reports. We will then go on to write our own reports on Crime and Punishment. After the half term break we will write a short story based on a Pie Corbett story and we will round off the summer term with a unit of work on Romeo and Juliet. We will continue to improve our spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout the term and improve our reading and comprehension skills in our reciprocal reading groups.

In Maths we will begin the term learning about angles and shape in geometry. We will continue to practice mental maths, calculations using all four operations and a variety of word problems including those involving money and measures. We will work out the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

In RE children will be learning about why some people believe God exist and the different beliefs held by Christians, other faiths and non- believers. These lessons will be led by Mrs Hornbuckle.

In Art we will be learning about Andy Warhol and recreating some of his iconic images.

In Design and Technology (after half term) we will be learning about food safety and designing, creating and marketing our own sandwiches and packaging.

In PE children will be playing golf with Mr Wright on a Thursday afternoon and on Fridays they will take part in cricket and athletics with Wayne Gudgeon.

Please make sure children have their PE kits and suitable training shoes in school every day. For three Wednesday afternoons in May children will attend cricket coaching sessions run by Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

Homework will be given out on Monday and should be handed in by Friday. Homework handed in on time will be rewarded with a raffle ticket.

Homework will continue to include:

  • An English activity related to the work we have been doing in class
  • Times tables practice
  • Spelling Practice.

My Style homework: This term’s My Style Homework theme is Crime and Punishment. Children can produce any piece of work that links with this theme. My Style homework is an opportunity for children to complete a piece of work that inspire and interests them. My Style can be handed in any time up to the week after half term.


Children did a great job with their ‘convince me’ reading sheets and there was a renewed interest in reading in the class.   Children should continue to read their chosen reading book regularly at home and at school. They should bring their reading book into school every day. Reciprocal reading this term will focus on information texts and plays.

Class rules and behaviour

Children are expected to follow the Golden Rules that are displayed in class. If children decide to break the rules they will receive the sanctions as set out in the School Behaviour Policy. However I believe in creating a nurturing and supportive environment where I expect children to:

  1. try their best in everything they do
  2. try things out even if they might get it ‘wrong’ (the biggest lessons learnt are often made from mistakes) 
  3. be supportive and encouraging to their peers
  4. look after themselves, their classmates and school property

I would like to say how pleased I am with children’s behaviour in class and how much I am looking forward to this continuing into the next term.

In return for hard work and good behaviour children will be awarded raffle tickets. There will be a ticket draw every Friday where a small prize will be awarded to the lucky winner. We will also award a star of the week each week and this will be announced each Friday. The award may be for an outstanding piece of work, for being a good role model or for making good progress. Children can also collect house points for good behaviour, hard work and dedication, thinking of others, following the golden rules and generally doing the ‘right’ thing.

Clothing and Belongings

Please make sure your child remembers their water bottle, reading book, a packed lunch and snack (if required). All things brought into school, including clothing, should be clearly labelled to avoid things being difficult to identify.  As you know the space in a cloakroom is limited so please encourage children only to bring in what is necessary. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times in a small draw string bag if possible. Jewellery is not permitted in school with the exception of an inexpensive watch and stud earrings for those with pierced ears.

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to speak to me at the end of the school day if you have any queries, questions or concerns.

Mrs Michelle Metcalfe