Years 1 and 2

Teachers: Mrs Spencer and Mrs Cooper        Spring 2019

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Scoffield and Mrs Holmes

The School Day:
Morning: 9.00 – 12.30 (Break time 10.50 – 11.05 Assembly 9.10 – 9.30)
Lunchtime: 12.30 – 1.35
Afternoon: 1.35 – 3.25

Welcome back to Class 2! We hope that you have all had a good rest and are ready for another exciting term!

What shall I wear?
We will be learning all about the Arctic. We will explore what it is like to live in the Arctic circle, finding out how people keep warm in the cold weather and what animals live there. We will then compare this to where we live. Later on in the term, we will be looking at Phillip Tracey hats and having a go at designing our own hats. Linked to this, we will be studying materials in our science work. Understanding the properties of different materials will help us to design clothes suitable for different purposes. We look forward to investigating which materials are waterproof.

In writing we will be focusing in on the book ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. This will provide the basis for our narrative work and the children will get to write their own versions of this traditional tale. We will also be looking at writing instructions, looking carefully at word choices and hopefully getting to make something yummy too! We will be covering a range of grammar features including suffixes, subordination tenses and exclamations.

In maths, we will be looking at multiplication and division for the most part of this half term. Year 1 children will also be recapping place value. Later in the term we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes. To help with your child’s learning, it would be useful to keep practising counting in 1s, 2s and 5s up to and above 100. It would also be useful to keep practising mental maths skills, such as adding numbers together and subtracting numbers.

Homework will be given out in a homework book on a Friday. Please would you hand homework back in on a Wednesday. This ensures that we have time to mark homework and stick the next set in again. Of course, homework can be handed in earlier if you wish. Homework enables children to practise skills learnt earlier in the week, or to research something for the following week.

Children will also bring their spelling sheet home in their spelling book. Please could the children practise these at home. This will give them as much opportunity as possible to retain their spellings.
Class 2 can get very busy and tiring, so there will be some weeks throughout the year where children will be given extended reading time, rather than set written homework or spellings. It is important that children have time to rest and relax too!


Again this term, we will be running our reading challenge. Your child needs to read at least three times and their diary needs to be signed on the three separate occasions in that week for them to get their weekly sticker on the Friday. After 5 stickers your child will get a small prize and after ten stickers they will get a larger prize. Stickers from last term have been zeroed and we are starting afresh this year. Please support your child with this as if their diary is not signed on three occasions we cannot award a sticker and we have put this in place to encourage reading at home.

When your child has finished reading their book and has understood what they have read, please write ‘finished’ in their diaries. We will continue to check reading diaries on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday however more confident readers will be able to change their reading books as and when they need to.

Asking children about what they are reading, as well as hearing them read, is a vital part of the process. Listening to stories is also valuable as it gives children access to literature which they are not quite able to read for themselves but can enjoy and understand when read to them. It also feeds their imagination and builds their vocabulary.


We will be responding to beat and rhythm. We will also be recognising and creating patterns.


This is linked to our Science topic. The children will copy and paste images of materials and add text to their images. We will also be learning about internet safety.

We are very lucky this half term to have an external teacher called Jaz coming in every week to teach the children their gym session.
P.E. will take place twice a week. Children will need to have the following in school: shorts, a t-shirt, a jumper, a pair of warmer P.E. trousers and some sensible trainers they are able to do up by themselves. Please ensure that your child has the correct footwear to take part in the activities. On slightly warmer days (!) we will go outside for P.E, and so children will need to be dressed appropriately.

Thank you very much for your continued support at home.