Reception and Year 1

Teacher: Mrs Louise Pearson                                                                                    Spring 2018

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Marie Holmes, Mrs Sharon Jane & Mrs Nicola Bailey

The School Day:

Morning:        9.00 – 12.30 (Break time 10.50 – 11.05 Assembly 11.05 – 11.20)

Lunchtime:    12.30 – 1.35

Afternoon:     1.35 – 3.25

‘Around the World’ is our topic for the whole of the spring term. Within this topic we will be learning about……

Science – We will find out about different types of habitats, from woodlice living under a log to whales in the oceans. We are hoping to visit a farm as part of this work too. Eventually our science work will include looking at the variation in the same species of animals.

Geography/History- Naming and identifying the 7 continents will be the focus of this work for the whole term. The children will locate different countries on a map and will then learn some facts about each of them. We will also be learning about Christopher Columbus.

Art/DT-As well as designing and making ships, the children will be learning how to observe and draw animals from each of the 7 continents. We will start by drawing British wildlife.

RE-The focus of the year 1 children’s work will be based around religious buildings whilst the reception children will be based upon special places, including places of worship.

Music – As well as working on their musical skills the children will be listening to music from around the world.

ICT- We will be consolidating our understanding of how to keep safe on the internet. The children will learn how to follow simple instruction as well as learn how to program a moving a car around a town on a screen. They will use the ‘Beebots’ too.


To fit in with our topic, we will be starting the term reading ‘All Pigs Are Beautiful’.

Based upon this book we will be looking at a non-fiction text about farm animals and will be writing recounts of trip to the farm.

The second part of the term will begin with the children reading various poems and like the previous term, these will provide the basis for further work looking at simple explanation texts.

To support work in English it is vital that your child reads at home. This gives them the opportunity to practise strategies they are taught at school… practise makes us better at things!!

In Maths we will be covering the following areas of learning….

Counting skills including counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10

Place value within 50

Measuring length and weight of everyday objects

Addition and subtraction facts, with year 1 children focusing on mental strategies and quick recall of simple number bonds to 10/20, as well as double facts and the corresponding half facts.

Problem solving will also feature in lessons daily.

If your child is in Reception and you wish to support their work in maths, counting out groups of objects up to 20 is a great way to develop accuracy. Visit the shop and give your child 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to spend.


The children will be having some PE sessions outside. It is useful if the children could have trainers as it can be slippery underfoot and when running on grass, the children’s feet do get damp in plimsolls. The children will need to have black jogging suit bottoms that are clearly named please.

PE will continue to take place on Monday’s and Thursday’s.


All the children will now be given a weekly task that should be completed at home. Their task will be given out on a Monday and should be handed in on Friday, giving the children 4 evenings to complete their task.

The children will be given an end of term reward if they complete each piece of homework and hand it in on time.

Spellings will be given out on Friday. The children will then have a week to learn them as we will be ‘tested’ the following Friday.

Reading books will continue to be changed twice a week.

Useful websites – –supports phonics and reading. Phases 2-4 for EYFS children and Phase 5 for year 1 children

www.topmarks maths – choose the appropriate age group and use any of the counting or addition and subtraction games. – a huge choice of activities so ensure you choose the correct age/school key stage!


Come in and join us for the morning! We would like to invite all class one mums and dads to spend part of the morning with us on: - Friday 2nd February 9.10am – 10.00am. Details will follow shortly