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Information for parents

Welcome to our Out of School Club. We hope that you and your child will enjoy and benefit from our out of school provision. We aim to provide safe, enjoyable childcare within our school setting, but without the timetable.

Frisby Out of School Club is a privately owned business and is not run by the school.

This leaflet contains information about Frisby Out of School Club. Please read it carefully as it will tell you what is expected from our club and what we expect from you in return.

Please ask if you need further details about the club or wish to make a suggestion. We pride ourselves in responding to club users and will try our best to provide a service that suits all our needs.

Our club is registered with Ofsted.

Our aims

  • To provide out of school care for children between the ages of 3 and 11 in a caring, safe environment.
  • To provide training and work opportunities for members of the local community through offering employment within the club.
  • To enable parents to access work and training opportunities through the provision of low-cost childcare.
  • To encourage children to mix with and take responsibility for children of different ages.
  • To involve children in a broad variety of extra curricular activities.

Opening times

We are open: Term time only   8.00 – 8.50 a.m. /  3.25 – 6.00 p.m.

Fees and other charges

We have two levels of charges:

Regular bookings:

This is for children who attend regularly with the same sessions every week e.g. every morning. Once you have booked your regular place they are yours and you are guaranteed those places until such a time as you cancel them. These sessions are charged regardless of whether the child attends – they may be off ill, go to play with a friend, be on a school trip, attend booster sessions in school or a school-run afterschool club.   Sessions are booked in half term blocks and are invoiced in advance at the beginning of each month. We require one month’s written notice to cancel these bookings.

The fees for these sessions are: Prices on request


Occasional bookings

As long as we have space available, children can be booked in for occasional sessions. The more notice we have, the more likely we are to have a space, but this cannot be guaranteed.

They are charged at the following rate: Prices on request


Parents/guardians will be invoiced on the first day of each month. Fees are payable within 10 days of the invoice. Fees must continue to be paid if the child is absent. In cases of prolonged absence, parents should consult the Out of School Club about fee payment. Each child’s attendance at the club is conditional upon prompt and continued payment of fees. Please hand fees directly to a member of the out of school club staff. If payment is not received within this time frame, then we reserve the right to charge a £20 administration fee. We also reserve the right to increase fees by giving one month’s notice in writing.

Children attending for just the early afternoon sessions should be collected by 4.30 p.m., if not they will be charged for the full session.

We will also take children for ‘one-off’ sessions e.g. if you have an occasional appointment and require childcare, if there are sufficient places available on that day.

Booking your child into the club

If you require a regular place for your child then please call into the club and speak to a member of staff who will be happy to book your child in, or alternatively leave a message on the club phone during the day on 07982 573737, or you may ring Suzie on her home number in the evenings. Once you have booked your regular places they are yours and you are guaranteed those places until such a time as you cancel them. You will be invoiced for these places on a monthly basis. If your child does not always attend these sessions, you will still have to pay for the place.

If you require an occasional place, then the same arrangements apply – call into the club or telephone to book the place. Obviously we cannot always guarantee that there will be spaces available at short notice.

Leaving and collecting your child

All children must be handed over to a play worker inside the school.

Please note that it is important that:

  • Children do not arrive before 8.00 a.m.
  • Children are collected promptly at or before 6.00 p.m.

Supervision is not available outside these times and children will not be allowed inside the school.

It is important for your children’s safety that we are informed if there is a change of plan and/or a different adult will be collecting your child.

Our telephone number is 07982 573737. Messages relating to a child’s attendance at the out of school club can be left on the answer phone if they are not attending on that day due to illness or are going home with someone else etc. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible if necessary.


We aim to involve children in a range of activities, whilst allowing them the freedom to make choices and relax. During the week there will be opportunities to take part in:

  • Art/craft activities
  • Outdoor sport/games (weather permitting)
  • Indoor games
  • Quiet activities (e.g. reading, jigsaws, colouring, use of construction equipment, TV/DVD/Wii)
  • Interactive activities (board games)
  • Role play

Children will also have the opportunity to do their homework, although this is not a homework club.

We will try to incorporate outdoor activities regularly and make use of the school grounds and playground. Children will also be taken onto the school field for games.


Breakfast                        Drinks & toast/cereal

Afterschool                   Drinks & fruit/biscuit

Tea (light snack)          e.g. Sandwiches/wraps/soup etc.

Please keep us informed of any particular dietary requirements your child(ren) may have.

Code of conduct

We expect a high standard of behaviour at our club. Children are encouraged to be:

  • Polite
  • Supportive of one another
  • Co-operative and respectful to members of staff
  • Attentive to the needs of others
  • Responsible towards their environment


We do have some specific rules:

  • Children must walk in the school building
  • Children must share equipment and play fairly
  • Children must clear up after themselves and return items they have borrowed
  • Children must do as they are asked by a member of staff

We believe that having clear rules makes the club a more comfortable environment for everyone.

If children do not follow our code and/or break our rules we will:

  1. Discuss their behaviour with them and explain the reasons for the rules
  2. Apply a school club sanction depending upon the nature of the behaviour and its repetition, including:
  • Removing a game/object
  • Referring to another play worker
  • Providing “time out”.

Should inappropriate behaviour continue we will:

  • Inform parents and request their support

Should none of these approaches be successful, we reserve the right to ask parents to withdraw their child from the club. Obviously this would be the last resort, but we are sure you will agree that high standards and expectations are important if children in the club are to feel secure and safe.

Policies and procedures

We have a comprehensive folder of policies and procedures for the setting, which are available for parents to view. If you would like to see these, then please ask a member of staff.

Let us know

If you have any ideas and/or suggestions for ways in which we can improve the club we are always happy to hear your comments. If you have a problem or you are worried about some aspect of the club, please let one of our school club staff know. Alternatively, you can:

  • Speak to Suzie Hefford (Manager) Tel: 01664 434316 or 07805 122861

We will do our best to intercept problems at the earliest opportunity.


If you have any spare:

  • Paper, card, writing/colouring materials/wool
  • Old (but intact games, lego, construction equipment etc.
  • Dressing up clothes
  • Old magazines, comics, books
  • Children’s DVD’s you no longer want
  • … then let us know

Frequently asked questions:

Q:      If my child is booked into the afternoon club until 6.00 p.m. can I collect before that time?

A:      You may collect your child at any time you wish before 6.00 p.m. We do have to be off the premises by 6.00 p.m. as that is when the premises officer locks up. Likewise in the mornings you perhaps will not need to drop your child off until 8.30 a.m. on the way to work. This is fine, however you will still be charged for the whole breakfast session.

Q:      What charges will I incur if I am late collecting my child?

A:      If children are regularly late being collected (after 6.00 p.m.) we reserve the right to charge late collection fees of  £1.00/minute.

Q:      I will have 2 children attending, is there any discount for the second child?

A:      Yes, we will give a 10% discount for the second and any subsequent children.

Q:      How many children will be at the club?

A:      We are registered with Ofsted to take 24 children aged 3-8 years, so there could be 24 children under 8 attending each session. We can also take over 8 year olds as long as the total number of children attending does not exceed 24.

Q:      What if my child is invited to play at a friend’s house/is away on a school trip/is playing sport for the school etc.

A:      The place will still have to be paid for and the club informed that your child would not be there on that date.

Q:      I have childcare vouchers from the company I work for. Am I able to use them towards the Out of School Club fees?

A:      Yes. Please check with Suzie that they are acceptable, as we might need to register before we can accept them, but we should be able to take them in full/part payment of the fees.

Q:      How do I get in touch with the club?

A:      Telephone us on the Out of School Club Mobile – 07982 573737 if you wish to book your child into the club, or your child is not attending the club that day due to illness. You may leave a message on the answer phone and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also try:    Suzie’s home phone – 01664 434316 or Suzie’s Mobile – 07805 122861


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